Blue Sky offers a wide range of services for the hemp industry throughout the United States. We have programs in place for legal hemp cultivators of all sizes to process their harvest and reap the benefits of growing one of the most sought after commodities in America. Our state of the art South Carolina manufacturing facility and team of leading experts ensures material and products that are held to the highest standards. Our wide range of experience includes organic chemistry, lab analytical chemistry, formulation process chemistry, traditional science and intellectual property development and management. We truly believe that our success is lead by the success of our clients and partners. 

Extraction Services

Using Delta-9 Technologies automated hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction equipment Blue Sky is able to offer multiple extraction services to meet the industries needs. We offer the ability to create full spectrum oil, distilled oil or isolated product that can be sold in bulk or formulated into packaged product. See our White Label program for further details.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a fee based program based on a processing per pound model and determined by the total weight of biomass processed. This is a good option for cultivators who have high quality material and prefer to retain the total amount of CBD oil or isolate produced. 

Toll Processing

Blue Sky offers hemp toll processing services based on a percentage split of the product produced. This is a great option for cultivators who are looking for an extraction processor who can produce high quality CBD that can be wholesaled in bulk or further formulated into packaged products.

Bulk Wholesale

We offer high quality, American grown pure CBD. Wholesale CBD products include:

  • CBD Full Spectrum Oil
  • CBD Distillate Oil
  • CBD Isolate
  • CBD Crumble
  • CBD Shatter
  • Water Soluble CBD Products

White Label

At Blue Sky we have many options available for those looking for white labeling CBD products. Our team of experts can create a full line of custom manufactured products for your brand, including:

  • Formulation
  • Stability test
  • Inhalable's
  • Topicals and Cosmetics
  • Edibles
  • Pet Products
  • Beverages
  • Ingestible's
  • Bulk Wholesale

Marketing Services

Need assistance developing your brand or designing a label for your packaging that will stand out on the shelf? Blue Sky can help you with all of your marketing needs.

Please contact and one of our account specialists will be happy to help you.