Quality Program

Blue Sky Processing's Quality Policy
Quality is a core value and foundational principle of Blue Sky Processing. Our customers health and satisfaction drive our continuous improvement. This commitment to excellence keeps us at the forefront of the emerging agricultural hemp industry. Compliance with legal and quality guidelines are outlined in the following pages and demonstrates Blue Sky's commitment to safe and healthy non-psychoactive hemp cannabinoid products. -Dr. Joshua Hartsel (CEO)
Our Quality Program: 
  • We adhere to GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards for different industries such as food and beverage manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This allows us to implement our quality policy at the source in production and throughout our operations.
  • We employ lean practices and continuous improvement efforts in order to effectively reduce defect and eliminate as much waste as possible, while delivering a consistent product to our customers. 
  • We use a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure product stability throughout our processes and a thorough quality control program to ensure consistency in our finished products.

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