Thank you for attending Blue Sky’s presentation at the Southeastern 2019 Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention.

 Just a couple of years ago, I never would have imagined presenting at a convention like this. Today, I credit the industrial hemp and medical cannabis industry with saving my family’s business. 

By shifting our focus from one diminishing industry to another that was growing rapidly, the business is flourishing again. The excitement is palpable to be working in a new emerging field, solving problems that have never even been considered before.  

What you can expect from the presentation:

As the hemp and medical cannabis industry rapidly evolves, more opportunities are becoming available for people across numerous fields and areas of emphasis to lend their expertise — and perhaps diversify or even reinvent their business models. 

Download today’s presentation from the Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention for more information:

  • A snapshot of the national landscape
  • Tips on how to make the right connections
  • How Blue Sky continues to innovate in this emerging industry
  • Resources that can help your business grow


What is Blue Sky? 

Blue Sky Processing LLC manufactures botanical plant compounds with a primary focus on legal cannabinoid concentrates, including crude, distillate and isolate. Blue Sky utilizes Delta 9 Technologies’ proprietary LPG and Ethanol closed loop hydrocarbon equipment to precisely extract plant oils and further refine them into high quality, safe, and potent products.  

Blue Sky’s vision extends far beyond consumer-facing products. As one of the first businesses on the scene of the state’s burgeoning hemp industry, Blue Sky is poised to become an industry leader and economic power hitter. The staff is dedicated to connecting all players of the hemp industry — from seed to shelf — with the education, resources and guidance to make their own businesses successful.  

Finally, Blue Sky’s research and development team of award-winning scientists and engineers are pioneers in the cannabis extraction space. Quality is at the core of everything they do; their success is driven by their customers’ success and a commitment to create premium hemp derived products.


Who is Jennifer Pfuhl? 

Jennifer Pfuhl is Blue Sky’s president, who adds another level of strategic insight to her already diverse education and career by recently earning her MBA.  She has earned degrees in Communication/Radio Television Film, Anthropology, Teaching, and Business. Her management experience and ownership interests cover a wide range of industries — from health and wellness to food and beverage and from brain training to neuro-integration.  


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