About Us


Who we are?

Blue Sky manufactures botanical plant compounds with a primary focus on legal cannabinoid concentrates (crude/distillate/isolate). We use Delta-9 Technologies proprietary LPG and Ethanol closed loop hydrocarbon equipment to precisely extract plant oils and further refine them into high quality, safe, and potent products. Our research and development team of award winning scientists and engineers are pioneers in the cannabis extraction space. Quality is at the core of everything we do; our success is driven by our customers’ success and our commitment to create premium hemp derived products.

What do we do?

Blue Sky offers a wide range of services for the hemp industry throughout the United States. We have programs in place for legal hemp cultivators of all sizes to process their harvest and reap the benefits of growing one of the most sought after commodities in America. Our state of the art South Carolina manufacturing facility and our team of experts ensures materials and products of the purest quality. Our wide range of experience includes organic chemistry, lab analytical chemistry, formulation process chemistry, traditional science and intellectual property development and management. We truly believe that our success stems from the success of our clients and partners.

Where are we located?

Blue Sky’s facility is located in the town of Seabrook, in northern Beaufort County, situated on historic Garden’s Corner, at the intersection of HWYs 17 an 21. Beaufort was founded in 1711, and is best known for its Sea Island Cotton, first grown in 1786. It has maintained its antebellum architecture and small town atmosphere. Our facility is designed and constructed for mass extraction of industrial hemp.

Services we offer:

Toll Processing: Blue Sky provides both “fee” and “split” toll processing services for cultivators of all sizes. We employ efficient and consistent extraction methodologies that benefit the farmer and the end consumer.

Bulk Wholesale: We offer high quality, American grown pure CBD.
Wholesale CBD products include:  · Full Spectrum Hemp Derived Crude  · Full Spectrum Hemp Derived Distillate  · CBD Isolate

White Label: Blue Sky provides high quality ingredients and innovative solutions to white label customers who wish to repackage and sell our hemp products into wholesale, distribution and retail channels.

Products we offer:

Bulk Distillate/Isolate
Water Soluble Formulations
Oral Concentrates
Topicals & Cosmetics